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                Vanguard Hotel electric ceiling screens completed successfully

                Time : 2016-01-24    Source : Curtain Times    
                Beautiful, energy-saving and environmentally friendly building materials to buy now become the three most important criteria. In the home space, windows and doors not only to complete the building envelope of the role, it is natural that people enjoy the scenery close the main channel. Today, a large number of so
                With aluminum windows and steel windows, etc., traces of synthetic materials able to escape from the visual effect, while advocating natural fashion made people yearn warm wooden windows a decade ago, after all, closer to the people most timber and Nature
                distance. Thus, while retaining the wooden effect, circumvent the traditional wooden windows defects and excellent energy-saving effect of aluminum clad wood windows and doors came into being.
                In Europe, there is a new type of facade structure, this structure can be processed into a sun room with large windows, the glass curtain wall facade with the same effect, but higher than the energy-saving insulation performance glass curtain wall a lot.
                The reason for this is the main material of wood-based window systems, wooden beams and wooden pillars connected by a dedicated connector firmly together, adding a unique design sealing strip, so that the physical properties of the whole window is greatly improved. Reference
                This form of construction, windows and doors Sundaravej Mercer's new product "wood cable" windows and doors opened a new era of wooden windows with energy-saving nature of both.
                According to reports, wooden doors and windows system is the German cable company Mercer experts and technical personnel in accordance with the German joint venture company existing technology, combined with the actual situation of the building, a new form of windows and doors after nearly six months of joint research and development.
                "Wood cable" look of window systems Interior wood color is warm, but at the same time to complete the effect facade glass curtain wall, which uses wood-like frame, constitute connected via T-precision high-strength hardware, indoor and outdoor material is formed
                Open non-homogeneity connection, you can choose different materials according to different architectural styles, which greatly enriched the designer space, while significantly improving the physical properties of windows and doors.
                An energy-saving building only the components can really play the energy saving effect, can be regarded as energy-efficient buildings. Doors and windows as the most important part of the building, the area accounts for 30% of the total floor area of ??the building, but
                But they accounted for 51% of energy loss. Especially public buildings, the window to wall ratio up to 70%, which is more big energy loss. Our Compared with developed countries in building insulation, exterior windows energy consumption is 2.2 times that of developed countries,
                Therefore, energy-saving windows and doors is the key to the improvement of building energy efficiency. July 2005, "public building energy efficiency design standards" into effect. Hereinbefore defined new public buildings must meet more than 60% energy saving, but also on the doors and windows technology
                Saving surgery a higher standard.
                It is understood that cable wooden window systems energy-saving effect is obvious. Heat transfer coefficient smaller the better the insulation performance of windows and doors, at present, the heat transfer coefficient of the domestic large-scale use of aluminum alloy doors and windows insulation is 2.8 ~ 3.0w / (m2
                When? K), while "wood Cable" Window System 6Low-E + 12A + 6 insulating glass, K value of the entire window up to 1.7w / (m2? K), using a 6 + 12A + 6 ordinary insulating glass, K value of the entire window up to 2.1 w / (m2? K)
                , Thus greatly reducing energy consumption for heating in winter and cooling in summer, energy-saving effect. Significantly better than the current national requirements K value 2.8w


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